Better than Private SchoolTM Strategic Education Plan "Lite"

Specifically Designed to Get You and Your Child Through the Health Crisis While Maintaining Maximum Productivity.


A customized education roadmap to position kids to flourish through

school closures and shelter in place!


  • Customized

    Every strategic academic and extra-curricular roadmap is customized with your child's interests and learning style in mind. 


    With a minimum of 4 months of free time between now and start of school in the fall, we'll create a program for you that will keep your child engaged and moving forward. 

  • Portable

    Our plans are designed to be implemented wherever your child is located.


    By customizing the learning experience based on the lifestyle of each family and on what's available as the health crisis unfolds, we can make the most of this uncertain time.


    Weekly Zoom calls to trouble shoot and keep everyone on track.

  • Freedom

    Because our plans include academic work and activities outside of a traditional school environment, your child will have the freedom to choose classes from a variety of sources.


    And most importantly, parents' time will be freed up so that they can work from home.

  • No Wasted Time

    Your child will have time to pursue interests, immerse themselves into a passion project, or focus on improving or getting ahead in an academic subject.


    The clarity, independence and self direction gained by managing meaningful activities and academic work will position your child for success once school commences.

We Offer: 

Customized Education and Activities Plans to Help You Through the Health Crisis and Beyond



Better than Private SchoolTM

Strategic Education Planning

Customized education roadmaps to position children to get into the college of their dreams!

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