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“ After stumbling upon her workshop at my first conference, I've continued to follow Judy's sessions because they're always intriguing and beneficial. I love how she weaves her own personal stories in with valuable nuggets of straight-forward and practical advice, and I appreciate that we get to have an interactive discussion vs. just listening to a lecture and watching slides. Her workshops were great when my kids were younger, but now that they're getting older, I'd have to say that they've become indispensable. I highly recommend her! ”


Amber Johnston

“ The 30 minute consultation was so helpful and totally revamped my way of thinking about homeschooling my child for next year. The conversation was informative and validated my reasons for homeschooling and offered me as a single working mom a framework that will work for me and gave me what I needed to explore the resources in my community to make homeschooling an actual reality for me. ”


LaTanya Greenidge

“It was WONDERFUL to meet you at the Homeschool Conference. I am always looking for ways to encourage empathy and generosity in my children. You warmly welcomed my questions and gave me the support I needed to feel encouraged in my homeschooling decision. You gave me practical ideas for helping my children practice and strengthen their empathy by thinking critically and learning about multiple perspectives. Thank you! P.S. I am still working through your home school book-it's great!”

Becky Cowart

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